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Boss Rush [SMB2] - Darkhalo - Phase Shift

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  1. Boss Rush Dark_Xenon. Chapter 2: Hornet Chapter Text. Using the moment she took to shift the needle to the side, they landed a hit on her. The force of the blow caused Hornet to jump back to avoid any follow up attacks. Ghost used this time to focus, their mask glowing as it began to repair itself.
  2. May 24,  · Just like the title says. Any time I had the potential for getting to the Boss Rush, I got crushed right after. One time I got B-stone and Ludovico Technique, then the next room directly after was a 2x1 room with mullibooms. Another time I got quad-shot, and some other good items, then I ran into The Bloat Another time I got triple shot, and brimstone. Then I found a room with 5 tiny.
  3. Play Metroid Fusion Boss Rush Games Online - Play Metroid Fusion Boss Rush Video Game Roms - Retro Game Room.
  4. Aug 05,  · Hi guys finally I can I've finished my Boss Rush episode Boss Rush is Called Epic Boss Rush-Epic Music Epic Bosses-1 Special Puzzle Level With a combination of SMB2 and SMW. (Plus that face when he gets hurt) If bosses were to have a second phase. Maybe you should drop them a mushroom in case.

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