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The Old Numbers Falling - Urban Legends - Urban Legends

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  1. Urban Legend: The Bricklayer: Accident Report This one needs an introduction, so you won't be lost at the beginning. This man was in an accident at work, so he filled out an insurance claim. The insurance company contacted him and asked for more information. This was his response: I am writing.
  2. This is just a book full of scary stories/rituals/urban legends. I will occasionally add something like a creepy website or a creepy YouTube channel. I don't own any of these stories/rituals/urban legends unless I say otherwise. All these stories/rituals/urban legends belong to their right.
  3. Urban legends are a more modern version of folklore where, instead of telling stories of hydras and butter cats, we tell stories of things that might just exist. In these, people are the true monsters, and the most mundane of situations can be strange, dangerous, and terrifying.
  4. Snopes is the internet's definitive resource for fact-checking misinformation, debunking fake news, and researching urban legends.
  5. Feb 23,  · "Urban legends are not the same thing as fictional tales," says Barbara Mikkelson of Agoura Hills, Calif., who runs bluesrock.akinosbramuroadorana.infoinfo, one of the leading Web site that investigates urban legends.
  6. Famous urban legends include the Slender Man, the Vanishing Hitchhiker, and Bloody Mary. They can be found in all countries around the world, and that includes the Philippines. We Filipinos have always been fond of the unknown and the supernatural, hence why we have so many urban legends .
  7. An urban legend is what one could call a modern folk tale. It is not quite old enough story to be considered a folk tale so we call them urban legends. Most of these legends are based on small fragments of fact with little to no truth to them, but there are a handful of urban legends that have their entire basis in reality.

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