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Washington Post - The Capitol Regiment Band - Greatest Hits Of John Philip Sousa

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7 thoughts on “ Washington Post - The Capitol Regiment Band - Greatest Hits Of John Philip Sousa

  1. I had another "Sousa's Greatest Hits" album (a different choice of "greatest" of course). That album was good, but it was period recordings, with a fair amount of background noise, plus the performances, while stirring, were not that crisp. The U.S. Marine Band defines "crisp" - the playing is excellent, as you might expect from the Marine Corps.5/5(4).
  2. Jun 14,  · It was “The Washington Post March,” composed by Marine Band director John Philip Sousa at the behest of the newspaper you are holding (or the Web site or .
  3. John Philip Sousa (November 6, – March 6, ), popularly known as "The March King", was an American composer and conductor of Portuguese heritage, from the late Romantic era, known particularly for American marches.
  4. Introduction. Between and , John Philip Sousa (born November 6, in Washington, D.C.; died March 6, in Reading, Pennsylvania) was the most commercially successful bandleader in the United States and one of the best-known American entertainers worldwide.
  5. Feb 10,  · Some American Marches by John Philip Sousa. Music from YouTube Audio Library. Tracklist: Semper Fidelis Stars and Stripes Forever The Washington Post The Coquette
  6. Aug 15,  · The Complete Marches of John Philip Sousa The Washington Post, march for band 2. George Washington Bicentennial March, march for band confusing the issue. However, this is the largest and most readily available compilation that goes beyond the "greatest hits" sets that so permeate the CD bins. (There IS a truly complete set, but it's /5(5).
  7. John Philip Sousa was born November 6, , in Washington, District of Columbia. He was the oldest boy among ten children born to Maria Elisabeth Trinkhaus, a Bavarian immigrant, and John Antonio Sousa, born in Spain of Portuguese descent.

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